Taiwan Summary


We had a great two weeks road trip in Taiwan. For years we had always wanted to see Pingxi Sky Lantern and it finally became a reality in 2023. Rather than flying into Taipei just before the Sky Lantern Festival and out of Taiwan once it was over we decided to stay for two weeks and visit the top half of Taiwan.

Our Road trip in Taiwan

Our Road trip in Taiwan

We had done extensive tour of Taiwan twice before so this trip was the third time we visited  most of the places. This third time visit turned out to be very rewarding. We were able to see Wuling Farm, Cingjing and Yangmingshan at their best.  In the previous visits these three places were covered in mist, nothing to see at all.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Seeing the hundreds of floating sky lanterns in the dark sky was absolutely awesome and hypnotic. They started from the ground and float up gently becoming smaller and smaller as they went higher. The music that was playing in the background paired well with the up-gliding lanterns. This event was usually held on the 15th eve of the Chinese new year. This year, 2023 the lantern festival was held on the 15th eve in Shifen town and 7 days later in Pingxi town.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Wuling Farm




Breakdown of Cost

The entire cost of our trip was SGD4500 (TWD106000)  for 2 persons for 14 days. The cost covered return international flights, car rental, accommodation,  insurance, mobile data plan, etc etc. The breakdown is below

International Flight


Rental Car, Parking charges, Toll charges, Petrol




All others
(food, souvenirs, data plan, insurance etc)


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