Do-it-yourself travelling can either be very fun or very frustrating. One thing for sure DIY travelling is definitely less costly, flexible and can be tailored to one’s needs.

In the recent years our travel plannings have benefited greatly from the tons of information posted on travel blogs. We especially appreciated the honest feedback and minute details that some bloggers had posted which enabled us to pick up the places that were worthy of a visit and reached them without getting lost.

My husband and I are avid photographers so our destinations are all about vivid colours and amazing scenery. We too decided to create a travel blog, to share our travelling experience with friends, family and any other readers, to help them reached these beautiful destinations.

Intriguing Turkey (32 days)


Northern Taiwan (14 days)

Scenic Tasmania (23 days)

Mystic Myanmar (7 days)

Idyllic Hawaii (4 Weeks)

Unforgettable Spain & Portugal (53 days)

Exotic Bangkok & Around (8 days)

Freezing in Harbin (12 days)

Relaxing in North Vietnam (14 days)

Summer in Switzerland (10 days)

Uniquely Italy (40 days)

Japan – Chasing Cherry Blossom (14 days)

China – SiChuan (20 days)

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina (15days)

Natural Beauty of South Island, NZ (19 days)

Beautiful Spring in Japan (19 days)

Angkor Wat – World Heritage

Summer Festivals & Flowers (17 Days in Japan)

Unforgettable Greece (21 Days)

Stunning Autumn Foliage (16 Days in Japan)