Yat Thong & I

O-JaikThongPhoto1Travelling has become a very addictive hobby for me and my hubby. It started many years ago and at that time we could only manage to travel once every two years. As time went the frequency increased to once a year and now to twice a year, similarly the duration of our trips lengthened from 1 short week to 3 weeks nowaday.

When our two children were younger we would go on group tour organised by tour agencies but once they reached their teens and were more independent we preferred to travel DIY which helped to lessen the cost and at the same time allowed us to to customise our trips to our needs. In the recent years my husband (Yat Thong) and I were travelling more on our own as our children, who are now grown up, are too busy with their own lives. We on the other hand decided to take more frequent and longer trips and see more of the world.

Yat Thong and I are avid photographers and love to go on DIY trips because we could target destinations with stunning scenery especially those off the beaten tracks. The world is so big and there are so many beautiful places to see. Many of these places we would visit probably only once in our lifetimes so it is especially crucial that we are at the right place at the right time of the year/day to capture its beauty at its very best.

To achieve our goals I usually spent many months planning these DIY trips down to the minute details and so for we were never disappointed upon reaching the destinations. Many times the sights and experience that we encountered were above our expectation. And each time after we reached home, after we blogged our travel experience and shared the photos with friends and relatives we would yearn to go on to a next trip.