Switzerland (10 days) summed up

Route in Switzerland

We were in Switzerland about 50 day ago when we landed in Geneva Airport but instead of starting our road trip into Switzerland we drove into Italy and began our 40-days-Italy-road-trip. We ended the trip at Val di Funes of Italy then crossed back into Switzerland via Austria and arrived at in the village of Gais of Appenzell to begin the first day of our 10-days-Switzerland-road-trip.

10 days road trip in Switzerland

10 days road trip in Switzerland

In the ten days we visited five beautiful destinations. The 10 days duration was definitely insufficient but we had already decided that this would not be our only visit to Switzerland so we were fine with just five destinations.

Total cost for 40 days

Travelling in Switzerland was pretty expensive. For 10 days it costed us CHF2400 for two persons and it did not include airfares.

Cost Breakdown
accommodation 38%
food (meals, marketing, coffee breaks) 10%
car lease cost **(refer to car leasing below) 10%
petrol, tolls & parking 8%
tickets 32%
others 2%

Accommodations were pretty expensive and many of them that we found on booking.com (our preferred mode) were way above our budget. Out of the 10 nights, 5 nights were booked on booking.com and the rest from Airbnb. The accommodation on booking.com was pretty much as expected. As for the five nights of accommodation on Airbnb, besides the last night the other four were were lovely and way above our expectation. We took a higher risk reserving our accommodations on Airbnb as the two listings (for the four nights) were pretty new with very little reviews so they might turn out terrible which luckily did not.

A huge chunk of the cost was spent on tickets on trains, funiculars, gondolas, chairlifts. These modes of public transport were needed to get to all our destinations as they were located in places off limited to cars. So we frequently had to park our car many kilometers away and reached these destinations using public transport. We could save the public transport costs by hiking but the distance was too long and we also did not have the time and energy.  To reduce the cost of these tickets we purchased Swiss-Half-Fare-Card (at CHF120 per person) with that we were able to pay half fare for all the public transport tickets.

Swiss-Half-Fare-Card for two persons CHF240
All other tickets bought at half fare (half price) CHF504
Total CHF744

Without the Swiss-Half-Fare card, we would have to pay full fare for all the tickets which would add up to CHF1008 (CHF504 X 2).

Car leasing

We leased a car (Citroen) for 50 days for just €1012 which average out to €20 a  day. This good deal was only possible for tourists who needed a new Citroen, Peugoet or a Renault for more than 26 days (the longer the lease the lesser was the day rate). Flying into Geneva allowed us to exit the French side and picked up our leased car at a nearby Citroen outlet. In our case we picked up and returned the car on the French side and this helped us save a couple of hundreds of pickup/return fees which we would have to pay if we were to pickup/return the car in other parts of Europe, outside France.

Once we picked up the car we drove into Italy and on our way back to Geneva-French side we route into Switzerland for 10 days.

Memorable scenery

Switzerland was a beautiful country with lovely scenery. Ten days were definitely not enough so we would be back again in the future.

Appenzell – Seealpsee

Mount Rigi – Rigi Klosterli


Jungfrau – Lauterbrunnen

Zermatt – Matterhorn


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